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Daddy, can we buy that boy a cheeseburger?

Posted by on Apr 1, 2015

Daddy, can we buy that boy a cheeseburger?

We travel a lot which in turn means we eat out a lot.  When we can’t decide where to go we ask Hannah (age 3) what she wants to eat.  9 times out of 10 her answer is ” I want cheeseburgers!”

Earlier this week we were hanging out and planned on picking up lunch for the whole family then head back to Musictown for a family lunch time.  Kacee and I really wanted Mexican food but again Hannah asked for cheeseburgers.  We drove passed a homeless man and Hannah asked me what the gentleman was doing.  I proceeded to tell her that not everyone has food in the refrigerator or the ability to go out and eat so sometimes they stand on the street corner and ask for help.  She sat in the back puzzled and then replies,”Daddy, can we buy that boy a cheeseburger?”  When your 3 year old asks you a question like that you seize that moment.  So we headed to In N Out and she made sure I bought him a Double-Double.

When I handed him the food his eyes lit up and he said thank you.  Hannah’s response was,”Let’s try and find more people who need cheeseburgers Daddy.  I like helping people.”

Far to often we look at homeless people through the lens of disgust or frustration but when you are 3 your perspective is different.  Thank you Hannah for helping to change my perspective.