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The Sound of Your Name

Posted by on Oct 3, 2016

The Sound of Your Name

I have released 6 CD’s since I started making music. The Sound of Your Name is number 7. I can tell you that I am the most excited about this project! SOYN has been a CD that I’ve been dreaming up for the last year. It is an acoustic EP with 6 songs on it. I got to co-write a couple of them with my wife as well as a songwriter friend of mine named Michael Bahn.  The 6th song is Not Finished Yet which you may know was the title track for my last CD.  We recorded a live version of it with the residents of Mercy Multiplied. The last exciting part is when you purchase the CD, it comes with all the chord charts loaded on the disc.  All you need to do is pop it into your computer and you can play the songs at your church!

The CD’s are set to arrive on Friday the 7th.  If you pre-ordered they will be shipped to you this weekend! There is still time to pre-order through the online store.