028 Jeff Sandstrom

Join Jason Squires and Jeff Sandstrom as they talk about sound and its effect on people in your church. Jeff is the co-founder of MXU. (www.getmxu.com) Jeff was the FOH sound engineer for Chris Tomlin for 10 years. He was on staff at Northpointe Church in Atlanta, GA and he is currently the sound engineer on tour with Dude Perfect. In this episode, Jeff gives some great tools to help you make the sound experience in your church better for everyone. He also breaks down some strategies for in-ear monitors and gives ways to help protect your hearing for the long haul.

027 Karinne Patel & Sheri Gould

A new month means a new topic! This month on The Table we are talking about the long term effects playing music has on your body if you don’t take care of yourself and do things correctly. This week’s podcast we are focusing on your voice. Join Jason Squires as he sits down with the mother and daughter coaching duo, Sheri Gould and Karinne Patel. In the podcast you will learn about ways to take care of your voice and prepare appropriately for leading worship.

026 Heather Penny

Join Jason Squires as he sits down with his good friend, Dr. Heather Penny. Heather is a leadership coach, trusted advisor, and author. In this podcast they talk about her new book called The Life You’re Made For. Jason and Heather also talk about what 3 C living means and how it will apply to your ministry. This is a podcast you won’t want to miss! What does restorative rest mean? You can get more from Heather as well as purchase a copy of her book at www.heatherpenny.com.

025 Mentor Team

Join Jason Squires as he sits down with Jason Harris, Grant Norsworthy, Michael Bahn, and Crystal Yates. This month we are talking about planning to be gone for a weekend and in this podcast the mentor team talks through more strategies. Join the team as they tackle questions regarding making sure you are prepared to step away when you need too.

024 Jonas Woods

This month we are chatting about how to plan for time off. In this episode of the Table join Jason Squires as he sits down with Jonas Woods. Jonas is a guest worship leader, songwriter, and artist. He travels around leading worship at churches when Worship Pastors need to be gone for a weekend. Jason and Jonas talk about how to find guest leaders, build relationships with them, and know that someone is there when you need to be gone for a weekend.