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Making a Difference

Posted by on Sep 13, 2013

Making a Difference

I’m often asked, “Does child sponsorship really make a difference?”  We are making an impact around the world.  Here is just one of the ways. World Vision US  is consider a support office to World Vision International.  The World Vision US office manages sponsorship from the US as well as a wide variety of other projects.  World Vision has similar offices in countries like Japan, Canada, UK, Germany, and Australia that manage child sponsorship from their respective countries. Here is the exciting news! Three more countries are phasing out of needing outside financial support through child sponsorship.  These countries are Chile, Costa Rica, and Thailand.  These countries are no longer going to be offered for new sponsorship but the existing sponsorships will remain in effect until they grow out of the program or when all of the projects close in 2015. We are making a difference around the world and it really is possible to end global poverty! If you are interested in sponsorship click here to sponsor a child...

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