Let’s unlock your creative potential

“Before I met Jason, the dreamer inside of me was lost and broken. It was through Jason’s coaching and lots of prayer that I began to dream again. One thing that Jason taught me is that being a creative means having ideas, but having ideas means nothing if you don’t take action. With his experience, skills, joyful nature, and encouraging spirit, Jason guides you towards dreaming big AND taking the necessary steps to bring big dreams into reality.”

Amber Bricker


The Creative Launch offers
one on one coaching, community for creatives, workshops, and live events

One on One Coaching

One on one coaching consists of a weekly 30 minute Zoom call with Jason to talk over your personal goals as a creative. Jason will work with you to establish who you are as a creative and give you tools and strategies to help tell your story. Coaching is designed to help you launch well and be the best version of you.

Dream Big Certified

The Creative Launch is offically Dream Big certified! We love Bob Goff and everything that he has done for creatives to help them launch well. The Dream Big framework will help you find that dream you have and run with it. The Academy is full of great video training that is an amazing addition to one on one coaching.

Creative Community

Creatives do best surrounded by a community of people that understand them! At The Creative Launch we love to connect with other creatives. Join us on Instagram so we can get to know you better. While you are there you will find short videos that may spark a thought or a question. We would love to dialogue about it!

Online & Live Events

The Creative Launch offers online workshops and live events that cover a wide variety of topics relevant to a creative.  Whether you are a creative or you know a creative that you want to understand better, these workshops are for you. Check out the link below to find where we will be.