023 Matt Skinner

Join Jason Squires as he sits down with Matt Skinner. Matt is on staff at Solano Valley Church in Fairfield, CA. Matt had an unexpected health issue come into his life in 2020 which left him unable to lead worship for 8 months. In this podcast they talk about how he felt as he handed the reins over for the season and ways to prepare in case you find yourself in that scenario. They also talk about how to prepare to be gone for one Sunday and why rest is so important to maintaining longevity in ministry.

022 Allen Gallaway & Justin Miller

Its a new month which also means a new topic! This month we are talking about planning for time off. Why is it important and what should I be thinking about to make sure I am ready for it?Join Jason Squires as he sits down with Allen Gallaway and Justin Miller. Allen and Justin are on staff at First Christian Church in Napa, CA. Allen is the Lead Pastor and has incorporated a solitude day into the monthly work flow. Building a culture of rest isn’t something that is easy to do. Our hope is that this conversation starts you thinking about it.

021 Worship Leader Mentor Team

Join Jason Squires, Joe Horness, Grant Norsworthy, and Jason Harris as they sit down and talk about developing a vision and purpose for your ministry. In this podcast they talk about developing your purpose, why’s it’s important, and how it pertains to things like song choice and arrangements. These guys are a part of the mentor team for Worship Leader and would love to help you take steps forward and process ministry. Check out www.worshipleader.com for all the information and to find out how to sign up to be mentored.

020 Chris Sonksen

Join Jason Squires as he sits down with Chris Sonksen. Chris is the founding Pastor of SouthHills Church in Southern California. He also leads an organization called Church Boom. Church Boom exists to coach pastors and rescue churches. In this podcast, Jason and Chris talk about how the lead pastors relationship with the worship leader is vital and how it’s important in developing the purpose of why the ministry exists.

019 Joe Horness

Join Jason Squires as he sits down with Joe Horness to continue this month’s conversation on developing why we do what we do. In this podcast we talk about purpose of the worship ministry. Joe is a veteran worship leader. He has worked at large churches as well as helping churches from Day 1. Now Joe spends his days developing Worship Leaders. He also serves on the mentor team for Worship Leader.